Over the last 5 years, GRE has been involved in projects ranging from a feasibility study where GRE performed geology, resource, reserve, project optimization, metallurgical review and geometallurgy, site hydrology, tailings, waste rock facility design, closure, and ESIA submittal for a 22,500 tonne per day polymetallic project in South America, to ARD kinetic testing, mitigation modeling and pilot testing for a 20,000 tonne per day operating porphyry copper mine in eastern Europe. GRE personnel have experience working in a wide variety of countries including: USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Guyana, Argentina, Costa Rica, Columbia, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Greece, Armenia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, India, Russia, and China.

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